The Association for Nature WOLF (AfN WOLF) founded in 1996, is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to conservation of mammals, particularly carnivores, and their habitas. Our mission is to protect endangered species and preserve their habitats. We would like to became a centre of excellence in research and education on carnivores and their habitats, working to achieve best practice in their conservation and management in Poland and abroad.

Our members are a team of highly experienced biologists, foresters and other professions, whose expertise span many fields. We carry out our own scientific research and conduct wide-ranging ecological education both in Poland and abroad.

AfN WOLF is convinced that understanding the carnivores ecology is essential to protect their populations and manage their sustainability for the future. Our strategy to save wolves, lynxes, bears and other carnivores in Europe is a combination of research, conservation, education, and resolving conflicts, beginning with long-term studies to understand and monitor the factors affecting survival of these species. Results of these studies are used to develop conservation policies and programmes to sustain their populations. AfN WOLF actively works with local, national and international communities to raise awareness, communicate, educate and train.

Some of AfN WOLF approaches include:

Conducting scientific research and publishing papers and books (both scientific and popular) on research results in carnivores biology, ecology, human impact, resolving conflicts and species survival. AfN WOLF also develops and implements better livestock management practices, such as our programme of wolf/human conflict resolving.

Creating and managing long-term conservation strategies for the wolf and lynx throughout their range in Poland. We also develop and implement recommendations for forest and hunting management, spatial planning and transportation infrastructure plans, to protect important large carnivores habitats and save their connectivity by using a variety of mitigation measures.

Carrying out conservation education programmes focused on key professional groups, showing benefits of large carnivore impact on forest ecosystems. AfN WOLF also creates and disseminates education materials within whole country and abroad.

Sabina Nowak, Ph.D. - President

Graduated from the Faculty of Biology Silesian University in Katowice. She earned a PhD in biology at the Institute of Nature Conservation Polish Academy of Sciences. Her PhD focused on ecology and conservation of wolves in the Carpathian Mountains. After that she recevied habilitation in biology at the Faculty of Biology Silesian University for research on dynamics and environmental conditions of wolf recovery in Western Poland. Her research interests covers mainly ecology, behaviour, genetics, and conservation of large carnivores and impact of transport infrastructure on wildlife.  She is a member of the Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe IUCN, she serves also as a expert for the Polish-German wolf working group. In 2009-2016 she was a member of the National Council for Nature Conservation, in 2014-2016 she was a Head of the Animal Conservation Group of NCNC. She is an author of numerous scientific and popular articles and books about wolf ecology and behaviour. She gives talks and conduct workshops about large carnivores in Poland and abroad. For her outstanding achivements in nature conservation she received several awards, e.g. Traveler 2009 - a prize awarded by the Polish Edition of the National Geographic Magazine. See selected publications

Robert W. Mysłajek, Ph.D. - Vice-President

Robert holds a Master's degree from the Faculty of Forestry Agricultural University in Kraków, he also finished postgraduate studies in molecular biology at the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology of Jagiellonian University. He earned a Ph.D. in biology at the Institute of Nature Conservation Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków, and than habilitation in biology at the Faculty of Biology University of Warsaw. He is particularly interested in animal ecology and conservation biology. He is associate professor at the Department of Ecology Faculty of Biology University of Warsaw. He is also a member of the Committee of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology Polish Academy of Sciences and the Council for the Promotion of the Public Understanding of Science Polish Academy of Sciences. See selected publications

Michał Figura, MA - Member of the Board

Michał holds a Master degree in political sciences (specialization in the security and crisis management) from the University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź, and now he is a PhD student at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of the University of Warsaw. His PhD project is focused on rescue, rehabilitation and post-release monitoring of grey wolves and Eurasian lynxes.  See selected publications


Dr. Sabina Nowak - President
Phone: +48 606 110046
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Dr. Robert W. Mysłajek - Vice-President
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Michał Figura, MA - Member of the Board
Phone: +48 604 690 757
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dr hab. Sabina Pierużek-Nowak – prezes
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+48 606 110 046

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